E-Food Box

E-Food Box: Freshness to go!

E-Food Box is the perfectly developed container for the transport of temperature-sensitive food such as frozen food, chilled fresh products or hot meals.

The boxes are ideal for flexible picking of goods in cold stores and food warehouses.

For later transport through logistics companies or delivery services. Label holders and document pockets are attached to the boxes for this purpose.

E-food delivery, fresh food supplier, caterer and charitable services can use E-Food Box to manage transportation of different volumes and distances flexible and safely. Without any special refrigerated vehicles the frozen goods arrive at the final location in the desired temperature range even after long durations.

The insulated boxes can also be used to keep fresh goods cold during summer shopping. With ice cubes or cold packs, drinks keep the perfect temperature.

Warm stays warm, cold stays cold, frozen does not thaw!

One thermo box: a variety of applications!

One thermo box for the transportation of temperature-sensitive food

Amazing: What do frozen food, fresh food, chilled drinks and hot food have in common despite the different temperatures?

They endure hours of transportation without critical temperature loss in the same universal box.

The systematically structured assortment of the E-Food Box covers almost all areas of application - for all industries.

Frozen food can endure longer transportation. This is supported by cool packs and excellent cold insulation characteristics... Read more...
Fresh products, food and drinks stay fresh and chilled. For long transportation and storage duration. Read more...
Keep warm
Prepare hot meals optimally! All dishes and soups keep their temperature. Read more...
Dishes, food and drinks of different temperatures - transported together in a box. Read more...

The modules: A systematic concept!

The different sizes of E-Food Box with the matching lids cover almost all applications

For the transportation of food, drinks and dishes in individual quantities. 

2 sizes + 2 lids = various applications

Warm stays warm, cold stays cold, frozen food does not thaw

Boxes nestable

Boxes rectangular


The assortment: Methodical solutions!

For industries and services such as e-food delivery, fresh food supply, catering and charitable service.

Various sizes, suitable accessories such as cool packs, dividers and label holders meet different requirements.

Warm stays warm, cold stays cold, frozen does not thaw!

The structured range always fulfills its purpose. Also for shopping, road trips or picnics.

Dividers and cool packs

Product line (Download PDF)

eFoodBox PDF

All-in-one system: Ingenious, simple, compatible

  • Versatile: As well for heterogeneous as homogeneous shipments
  • Thermal Insulating: Keeps cold and hot
  • Durable: Sufficiently stable for many turns
  • Reusable: Sustainable, environmentally friendly
  • High functionality: Coordinated system
  • Nestable: 50% volume reduction
  • Extremely light: Ergonomically advantageous
  • Hygienic: Food compliant
  • Cleanable, stackable

All components are compatible with each other

  • All boxes have the same bottom and top edge.
  • All lids fit on all boxes.
  • The boxes are stackable with and among each other and compatible with the Euroformat 120x80 cm.