The material: 100% robust EPP!

The material properties


EPP = Lightweight & stable: Optimal for thermally insulating reusable containers


  • High strength
    EPP has a high starch weight ratio and high structural strength and load capacity

  • Low weight
    With a 96% air content on the part volume, EPP is extremely lightweight. In relation to its strength, EPP weighs significantly less than other materials

  • Energy absorbing
    EPP is a highly energy absorbing material with high resilience that can withstand repeated impact without damage

  • Padding effect
    EPP protects the contents from damage by shock absorption in the event of a fall

  • Thermal insulation
    EPP provides excellent thermal insulation in applications where temperature sensitive products need to be isolated. Keeps hot hot and cold cold!

  • Recyclable
    EPP can be disposed of and recycled together with PP

  • Easy cleaning
    EPP can be easily cleaned with industrial cleaning equipment and in dishwashers